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About Karima Lachtane

Karima Lachtane’s soul is profoundly entwined with the mysteries of Egypt. Deeply resonating with the timeless allure of its sacred landscapes, she found enlightenment on the banks of the Nile, where ancient temples and pyramids stand as unparalleled marvels. Journey with Karima as she bridges the gap between today’s world and the unparalleled achievements of a civilization lost to the sands of time. Dive into her world and feel the pulse of ancient Egypt through her evocative tales and insights.

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About Karima Lachtane

Behold, the Secrets of Ancient Egypt, the land that the universe created when the cosmos made the Nile.

About Karima Lachtane

Delving deep into the sands of time, Karima has emerged as a beacon for those passionate about the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an eye for unraveling the intricate tapestries of history, She has dedicated years to meticulous research, archaeological explorations, and profound reflection. 

Her work stands not merely as historical recounting but as a bridge connecting the awe-inspiring world of pharaohs, deities, and pyramids to our modern sensibilities.

From decoding hieroglyphs etched in stone to understanding the cosmic significance of Egyptian structures, Karima’s expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of Egyptian lore. Having walked the very soil where legends were born and having touched relics that have whispered tales of yore, she brings authenticity and ardor to every piece penned.

For readers who seek to traverse the realms of history, myth, and cosmic wonder, Karima’s writings serve as both compass and guide. Dive into the pages, and embark on a journey where the past dances gracefully with the present, under the watchful eyes of the ancient Egyptian sky.

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About Karima Lachtane

About Karima Lachtane and her profound connection with Egypt, can be said that it transcends mere academic interest. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, her fascination with ancient Egypt can be traced back to her formative years.

At the tender age of 14, she penned an exhaustive report on ancient Egypt, signaling an early passion for the subject. By 27, her enthusiasm propelled her into a professional role as a guide between the historic cities of Luxor and Aswan.

This swift transition, from application to life in Luxor within just two weeks, highlights her determination and love for the land.

Her dedicated website, “” acts as a portal into her world of research and observations about Egypt’s ancient past.

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More about Karima Lachtane

Among her significant contributions is her book, “The Secret of Anubis, The Winter Triangle.” As per a review by Jean Wahlborg from Dorrance Publishing Co Inc dated 2 April 2008, the work delves into the celestial interpretations of the ancient Egyptians.

One of her notable works, “The Secret of Anubis, The Winter Triangle,” is a detailed investigation into how ancient Egyptians perceived the cosmos. Jean Wahlborg of Dorrance Publishing Co Inc, in a review from 2 April 2008, sheds light on the content and significance of the book.

In this treatise, Karima delves deep into the relationship between the winter hexagon (or the winter triangle) and the god Anubis from ancient Egyptian mythology. The constellations Canis Major and Canis Minor that form this celestial pattern are believed to have a historical connection with Anubis, as suggested by the evidence from the Dendara Temple.

Karima underscores that the Greeks, who later inhabited Egypt, held profound respect for the Egyptian temples, arts, and sciences. Their impact persisted into the Middle Ages, with the foundations of astronomy and astrology deeply rooted in Egyptian observations and symbolism.

Lachtane’s book serves as a comprehensive discussion on the various deities in ancient Egyptian religion and how they were utilized by the ancient Egyptians to interpret the world, including the celestial bodies.

The detailed research and notes provided at the end of the book further deepen the reader’s understanding of the topic. Written with clarity and authority, “The Secret of Anubis, The Winter Triangle” stands out as an essential read for those curious about the mysteries of the stars and ancient Egyptian religious practices.