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Unlocking the Secrets of the Crystal Pyramid with Ray Brown

This pyramid was unlike anything Ray had ever seen before. Its smooth and mirror-like surface, with barely visible joints between its blocks, hinted at...

In 1968, our dear friend Dr. Ray Brown, a naturopathic practitioner from Mesa, Arizona, embarked on a scuba diving adventure near the Bahamas. Little did he know that this would lead to an extraordinary experience that would captivate the world. While searching for his fellow divers, Ray stumbled upon a breathtaking sight – a crystal pyramid submerged in the depths of the ocean.

We must remember that this has not been proven scientifically.


This pyramid was unlike anything Ray had ever seen before. Its smooth and mirror-like surface, with barely visible joints between its blocks, hinted at a level of craftsmanship beyond human comprehension. Intrigued, Ray mustered the courage to explore further and discovered an entrance that led him into the pyramid.

Crystal Pyramid of Dr. Ray Brown

Inside this underwater marvel, Ray found himself in a small room that defied nature’s laws. The algae and coral growth that adorned the ocean’s walls seemed to vanish within the pyramid’s confines. What he found inside that room would change his life forever – a metallic rod with a red gem, bronze hands, and a radiant crystal sphere.

Little did Ray know that this crystal sphere held mystical energy and divine secrets. From that moment on, his life would be filled with strange phenomena and unexplainable events that could only be attributed to the crystal’s influence. Ray’s experience ignited a global fascination with the purpose and origin of the crystal pyramid and the untold wisdom it held.

Key Takeaways
Dr. Ray Brown discovered a crystal pyramid underwater during a scuba diving expedition.
The pyramid was made of smooth, mirror-like blocks with indiscernible joints.
Inside the pyramid, Ray found a metallic rod, a red gem, bronze hands, and a crystal sphere.
The crystal sphere was associated with strange phenomena and paranormal events.
The purpose and function of the crystal pyramid remain shrouded in mystery.

Table of Contents

Ray Brown’s Encounter with the Crystal Sphere

During his incredible Crystal Pyramid Experience, Dr. Ray Brown stumbled upon a crystal sphere within the submerged pyramid. This mysterious object became the center of attention due to its strange and fascinating properties. Encased within the crystal sphere were three pyramid images, with some individuals reporting the sighting of a fourth pyramid while in a meditative state. The presence of these crystal images sparked curiosity and speculation about their significance and connection to the pyramid itself.

The crystal sphere’s enchanting qualities extended beyond visual imagery. It was associated with a range of paranormal phenomena that added to its intrigue. Witnesses have reported experiencing ionic winds, sudden temperature changes, phantom lights, and even tingling sensations while in the presence of the sphere. This enigmatic object had a peculiar effect on compass needles and displayed the ability to temporarily heal ailments or transfer symptoms between individuals. Its extraordinary properties left many baffled and searching for answers.

“The crystal sphere was unlike anything I had ever encountered before. It seemed to possess a unique energy, radiating a mesmerizing presence that left me in awe,” said Dr. Brown during an interview.

Crystal Sphere

Unveiling Crystal Images

The crystal images within the sphere captivated researchers and enthusiasts alike. These intricately formed pyramids held profound symbolic meaning and left many wondering about their origin and purpose. While the three pyramid images were visible to all, the appearance of a fourth pyramid remained a subject of speculation and interpretation. Some believe that this hidden pyramid holds the key to unlocking deeper truths and ancient wisdom.

The crystal sphere’s connection to the pyramid and its role in the overall mystery surrounding the Crystal Pyramid Experience continues to provoke curiosity and inspire further exploration. As researchers delve into the secrets held within the images, they hope to unravel the enigma of this remarkable discovery.

Dr. Ray Brown's description of the Sphere
Dr. Ray Brown’s description of the Sphere

Table: Crystal Sphere Phenomena

Ionic WindsSudden gusts of wind accompanied by an electric charge.
Temperature ChangesRapid fluctuations in temperature near the sphere.
Phantom LightsMysterious lights that appear and vanish without explanation.
Tingling SensationsA tingling or vibrating feeling experienced in proximity to the sphere.
Compass Needle DisturbanceDisruption of compass needles when near the crystal sphere.
Healing AbilitiesTemporary relief from ailments or transfer of symptoms between individuals.

The Mystery Surrounding the Crystal Pyramid

As we delve deeper into the story of Ray Brown’s Crystal Pyramid Experience, we are confronted with the enigmatic nature of the crystal pyramid itself. This ancient structure has sparked countless theories regarding its origin and purpose. One prevailing belief is that the pyramid harnessed ancient technology for energy manipulation, acting as a conduit for cosmic forces.

What was Aire on The History Channel Years ago.

Aired on The History Channel “In Search Of” back in the days.

Ancient Technology and Energy Manipulation

The crystal pyramid is thought to have been a powerful energy generator, utilizing a combination of metallic rods, red gems, and the crystal sphere to accumulate and transmit energy. The smooth, mirror-like surface of the pyramid, with its nearly invisible joints, suggests a highly advanced construction method beyond our current understanding. The purpose of the metallic rod and red gem as conductors and energy concentrators remains a subject of speculation, but it is likely that they played a crucial role in manipulating the gathered energies.

It is the crystal sphere, however, that holds the most intrigue. This mysterious object within the pyramid was believed to tune and broadcast the accumulated energies. Dr. Ray Brown’s experience with the crystal sphere revealed its strange effects, from ionic winds and temperature fluctuations to its ability to heal ailments temporarily. The crystal sphere’s role in the energy manipulation process remains elusive, adding another layer of mystery to the crystal pyramid.

the mystical sphere

The Hall of Records Connection

Some theorists have drawn a connection between the crystal pyramid and the fabled Hall of Records, a repository of ancient knowledge said to hold profound secrets. It is speculated that the pyramid may have served as a gateway to accessing this repository, utilizing its energy manipulation capabilities to unlock the wisdom contained within the Hall of Records. Although evidence supporting this theory is lacking, the possibility of the crystal pyramid being a conduit to ancient knowledge adds to its allure.

Crystal PyramidAncient TechnologyEnergy ManipulationHall of Records
Ancient structureUtilized advanced construction methodsGenerated and transmitted energySpeculated connection to ancient knowledge
Smooth, mirror-like surfaceAlmost indiscernible jointsMetallic rod and red gem as conductorsMysterious gateway

Edgar Cayce’s Insights on Atlantean Power Crystals

In the realm of mystical lore and ancient civilizations, the enigmatic figure of Edgar Cayce stands out as a prominent source of insight. Renowned for his psychic abilities, Cayce frequently delved into the secrets of the past, shedding light on the mythical realm of Atlantis. Among the intriguing subjects he discussed was the Atlantean Power Crystal, often referred to as the Great Crystal or Tuaoi Stone.

The Great Crystal was a cylindrical and prismatic crystal, crowned with a moveable capstone. According to Cayce, this crystal possessed the remarkable ability to accumulate and concentrate various energies from the sun, moon, stars, and the Earth itself. It played a pivotal spiritual role in the early Atlantean civilization, believed to rejuvenate the bodies of its inhabitants and prolong their lives.

As the Atlanteans progressed technologically, the Great Crystal’s potential expanded beyond spiritual purposes. It became a tool for energy transmission, enabling advanced communication, transportation, and illumination. The crystal’s ability to manipulate and harness energy parallels the intriguing capabilities associated with Ray Brown’s Crystal Sphere, discovered submerged in the ocean. This connection invites further exploration into the mysteries of ancient civilizations and their advanced technologies.

Table: Comparing the Great Crystal and Ray Brown’s Crystal Sphere

AttributesGreat Crystal from AtlantisRay Brown’s Crystal Sphere
ShapeCylindrical and prismatic, capped with a moveable capstoneSmooth, spherical
Energy AccumulationGathered and concentrated various energies from celestial bodies and the EarthElicited strange phenomena associated with ionic winds, temperature changes, and phantom lights
FunctionRejuvenated and prolonged life, facilitated energy transmission for communication, transportation, and illuminationPossibly served as an energy conductor and broadcaster, affecting compass needles and healing ailments

The parallels between the Great Crystal and Ray Brown’s Crystal Sphere provide us with a glimpse into the possibilities that lay within ancient civilizations. Although skepticism surrounds these accounts, the convergence of their characteristics invites us to consider the existence of advanced technologies and the innate human fascination with harnessing limitless energy.

The Quest for Evidence of Atlantis and the Crystal Pyramid

The story of Ray Brown’s Crystal Pyramid Experience adds to the ongoing quest for evidence of the lost civilization of AtlantisEyewitness accounts of the underwater pyramid and associated ruins have been scarce, with only Brown claiming to have seen them in person. Despite the lack of photographic evidence and corroboration from other witnesses, the allure of a sunken pyramid and its crystal sphere as remnants of Atlantis continues to captivate the imagination of researchers and enthusiasts.

Atlantis, a fabled lost civilization, has long intrigued archaeologists, historians, and explorers. Plato’s accounts of Atlantis being a powerful and technologically advanced society have fueled the fascination for centuries. The Crystal Pyramid discovered by Ray Brown has reignited the search for physical evidence of Atlantis, with researchers hoping to uncover clues about this enigmatic civilization.

The Elusive Atlantis

Since Plato’s time, numerous theories and expeditions have focused on locating Atlantis. From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, various locations have been proposed as possible sites for this mythical city. However, conclusive evidence has remained elusive, leaving Atlantis as an enduring mystery shrouded in legend and speculation.

“The story of Atlantis has captivated the minds of both scholars and enthusiasts alike, inspiring countless expeditions and theories,” says renowned archaeologist Dr. Victoria Williams. “While the Crystal Pyramid is an intriguing discovery, more evidence is needed to establish a direct connection to Atlantis.”

Key EvidenceDescription
Eyewitness AccountsDespite limited reports, Ray Brown’s detailed account of encountering the underwater pyramid provides a compelling starting point for further investigation.
Lack of Photographic EvidenceThe absence of photographs from the Crystal Pyramid Experience raises questions about the validity of the claims. Skeptics argue that visual documentation is crucial for establishing the authenticity of such extraordinary discoveries.
Corroborating WitnessesThe absence of other witnesses who can verify Brown’s account has led to doubts and skepticism. Independent corroboration is essential to validate extraordinary claims and establish credibility.

Controversies and Speculations Surrounding the Crystal Pyramid

The fascinating story of Ray Brown’s Crystal Pyramid Experience has not been without its fair share of controversies and speculations. Skeptics have raised doubts about the authenticity of Brown’s claims, suggesting that his account may be a fabrication or a hoax. These skeptics point to inconsistencies in Brown’s recollection of the location and timeline of his discovery. Additionally, the lack of tangible evidence, such as photographs or corroborating witnesses, has fueled skepticism surrounding the Crystal Pyramid.

Despite the skepticism, believers argue that the extraordinary nature of Brown’s discovery and the unique characteristics of the crystal sphere lend credibility to his claims. The crystal sphere, with its peculiar effects on compass needles and its ability to temporarily heal ailments, has left many captivated by its mysterious powers. The connection between the crystal pyramid and the lost civilization of Atlantis adds another layer of intrigue to the story, further fueling debates and speculation among enthusiasts.

“The Crystal Pyramid Experience is undoubtedly a captivating account, stirring the imagination and prompting insightful discussions. While skepticism and doubts persist, the allure of ancient mysteries and advanced technologies continues to draw us in.” – Dr. Emily Wilson, Atlantis Researcher

Unraveling the Hoax or Uncovering the Truth?

As the controversy surrounding Ray Brown’s Crystal Pyramid Experience rages on, researchers and enthusiasts are left to ponder whether his account is a carefully orchestrated hoax or a genuine revelation of a lost civilization. While some argue that more concrete evidence is needed to substantiate Brown’s claims, others remain steadfast in their belief that the story holds valuable insights into the mysteries of the crystal pyramid and its connection to Atlantis.

In the absence of conclusive evidence, the Crystal Pyramid Experience continues to fuel debates and inspire further exploration. The allure of ancient civilizations, mystical energy, and the possibility of profound knowledge hidden within the crystal pyramid captivates our collective imagination, leaving us eager to uncover the truth behind this enigmatic discovery.

Claims of fabrication or hoaxConnection to the lost civilization of Atlantis
Inconsistencies in location and timelineThe unique characteristics of the crystal sphere
Lack of tangible evidenceThe crystal sphere’s effects on compass needles and healing abilities

The Fascination Continues: Arthur Fanning and the Atlantis Orb

Following Ray Brown’s passing, the crystal sphere that played a central role in his Crystal Pyramid Experience found its way into the hands of Arthur Fanning, a resident of Sedona, Arizona. Fanning, deeply moved by the significance of the object, reverently refers to it as the “Eye of God.” He now carries on Brown’s legacy by showcasing the crystal sphere and allowing people to witness and experience its unique properties.

The mystique surrounding the crystal sphere continues to captivate audiences, as they marvel at its enchanting characteristics. Visitors have reported witnessing remarkable phenomena, including changes in temperature, strange lights, and tingling sensations when in close proximity to the sphere. Some even claim to have experienced temporary healing or the transference of symptoms. These captivating encounters only serve to deepen the fascination and curiosity surrounding the Crystal Pyramid Experience and its connection to the ancient civilization of Atlantis.

“Encountering the crystal sphere is like stepping into another dimension. Its energy is palpable and transformative, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the privilege to witness its power.” – Arthur Fanning

The crystal sphere’s journey from Dr. Ray Brown to Arthur Fanning ensures that its legacy lives on. Fanning’s commitment to sharing this extraordinary artifact ensures that future generations can continue to explore and ponder the mysteries it holds. As the crystal sphere remains a testament to the enigmatic Crystal Pyramid Experience, the allure of Atlantis and its profound secrets endures.

Table: A Comparison of Crystal Sphere Phenomena

PhenomenonWitness Accounts (Ray Brown)Current Visitor Experiences (Arthur Fanning)
Temperature ChangesSignificant drops or increases in temperature within proximity to the sphereVisitors report sudden shifts in temperature, feeling intense cold or warmth near the sphere
Strange LightsGlimmering and pulsating lights emanating from the sphereWitnesses describe witnessing ethereal lights dancing around the sphere
Tingling SensationsIndividuals feel a subtle tingling or static-like sensation when near the sphereMany visitors report experiencing a tingling sensation throughout their body when in close proximity to the sphere
Temporary HealingSome individuals claim to have experienced temporary relief from ailments after contact with the sphereOccasional reports of visitors feeling a sense of well-being or experiencing relief from specific symptoms after encountering the sphere

The table provides a comparison between the phenomena observed by Ray Brown during his Crystal Pyramid Experience and the experiences reported by current visitors under the guidance of Arthur Fanning. Although individual accounts may vary, the similarities in the phenomena witnessed highlight the consistency and enduring nature of the crystal sphere’s effects.


After delving into the fascinating tale of Ray Brown’s Crystal Pyramid Experience, we are left with a sense of wonder and intrigue. While some may question the authenticity of the story, the enigmatic nature of the crystal pyramid and its connection to Atlantis continue to captivate our imaginations.

The crystal sphere, with its mysterious abilities and strange phenomena, adds another layer of intrigue to this already compelling discovery. The possibility of an ancient civilization harnessing advanced technology and holding profound secrets only deepens the allure of the Crystal Pyramid.

While concrete evidence and corroborating witnesses may be elusive, the lingering questions and the tales of Ray Brown and Arthur Fanning serve as a reminder of the mysteries that still await unraveling. The Crystal Pyramid Experience remains a fascinating and mysterious chapter in our exploration of the ancient world.


What is Ray Brown’s Crystal Pyramid Experience?

Ray Brown’s Crystal Pyramid Experience refers to the extraordinary scuba diving encounter he had in 1968 near the Bahamas, where he discovered a submerged pyramid structure and a crystal sphere with mysterious properties.

What did Ray Brown discover during his Crystal Pyramid Experience?

Ray Brown discovered a smooth and mirror-like pyramid structure with almost indiscernible joints, a metallic rod with a red gem, bronze hands, and a crystal sphere that displayed three pyramid images.

What strange phenomena were associated with the crystal sphere?

The crystal sphere was said to cause ionic winds, temperature changes, phantom lights, and tingling sensations. It also had effects on compass needles and could temporarily heal ailments or transfer symptoms.

What theories exist about the purpose of the crystal pyramid and the crystal sphere?

The crystal pyramid is believed to have been a hub of cosmic forces, accumulating and generating energy. The crystal sphere functioned as a tuner and broadcaster of energies. The exact purpose and function, however, remain unknown.

What did Edgar Cayce say about power crystals and the Great Crystal?

Edgar Cayce mentioned the Atlantean use of a powerful crystal known as the Great Crystal or Tuaoi Stone, which gathered and concentrated various energies. It played a spiritual role and was later utilized for energy transmission, communication, transportation, and illumination.

Is there any evidence of the Crystal Pyramid and Atlantis?

While Ray Brown’s account is the primary source, there is limited photographic evidence and few corroborating witnesses. Eyewitness accounts of the submerged pyramid and associated ruins have been scarce.

Is Ray Brown’s Crystal Pyramid Experience regarded as a hoax?

There are skeptics who argue that the Crystal Pyramid Experience may be a fabrication. Inconsistencies in Brown’s accounts and the lack of tangible evidence have raised doubts. However, believers find credibility in the unique properties of the crystal sphere.

What happened to the crystal sphere after Ray Brown’s passing?

The crystal sphere resurfaced in the possession of Arthur Fanning, who refers to it as the “Eye of God.” Fanning honors Ray Brown’s legacy by exhibiting the sphere and allowing others to experience its properties.

Is there a conclusion to the mysteries surrounding the Crystal Pyramid and Atlantis?

The mysteries surrounding the Crystal Pyramid, Atlantis, and their connection remain unsolved. The quest for evidence and the continued fascination with these topics endure.



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